Which Movie Reviews Should I Believe?

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initialReferrer)):?> These days, anyone can be a published film critic, but who should you listen to when you can find both negative and positive reviews for any movie out there? Now, the answer is simple! The quick tool below will compare your personal opinions with those of some of the most prolific movie critics. The result is that you’ll know who your movie critic match is, and where to go for the movie reviews that will help you find the movies you’ll love.

Which critic's movie reviews do you agree with the most?

Instructions: Start by giving your personal ratings for each of the movies below. Rate each on a scale of 1/2 to 4 stars just by clicking on the stars. Skip the movies you haven’t seen. The more reviews you enter, the more accurate the Movie Critic Matchmaker will be.
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Details of your Selections

The table below provides more information about your movie critic match. Click on any column header to sort by that column, click again for a descending sort. For even more detail, the grey stars provide direct links to the review for that film by that critic. These critics were primarily selected because they are prolific and well-known.

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