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How Can I Find Pet Friendly Hotels?

R. Kayne
R. Kayne

It's that wonderful time of year when a vacation is upcoming and all eyes in the family are turned towards getting away... including Fido's and Allie's! Yes, the family dog or cat loves to travel and you wouldn't think of leaving him or her behind. After all, the change in routine is good for them too. Besides, they're part of the family! If you're bringing support animals, you might not even need to find a pet friendly hotel after all. Some establishments make exceptions for ESAs, so keep that in mind the next time you want to go on a trip.

It's easier than ever to travel with furry family members because there are so many pet-friendly hotels all across the United States. The best thing about pet friendly cabins is that unlike other establishments, they will take your pet in without questions. This is unlike other places where you will need to provide documentation like your pet's ESA registration.

Nicer hotels tend not to be pet friendly.
Nicer hotels tend not to be pet friendly.

To find pet friendly hotels, a great destination is 1 Click Pet Friendly Hotels and Resorts. 1 Click Pet Hotels prides itself on keeping accurate, up to date listings of pet-friendly accommodations across the nation. Simply click on the state you are traveling through for a complete listing by city of hotels, motels and resorts that will take dogs, cats and other pets. Especially handy is the fee column which lets you see right up front what the deposit or extra charge will be for the pet, if any, at each establishment. Some hotels won't charge guests who have ESAs with them. So if you have a psychiatric service dog with you, let them know and don't be shy to ask about fees or absence thereof. This column will also note of the fee is refundable.

Many websites will let a traveler know if she can bring her pet.
Many websites will let a traveler know if she can bring her pet.

Another handy column at 1 Click Pet Friendly Hotels and Resorts is the "restrictions" column, which notes any restrictions that might apply such as weight restrictions or animal restrictions. For example, if a hotel will take dogs but not cats, it will be listed in the restrictions column. Or perhaps the hotel will take either, but will only take dogs up to 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms). If "none" is listed under restrictions, the establishment will take any type of house pet at any weight.

When traveling, never let your pets sit in a parked car on a hot day.
When traveling, never let your pets sit in a parked car on a hot day.

When you find a pet friendly hotel of interest simply click on the name. This takes you to a page with detailed information about the hotel itself, including address, rate information, how many rooms and floors, services and amenities, and a detailed description of the hotel in terms of its proximity to other points of interest. It also lists check-in and checkout times, what types of payment are accepted, and the cancellation policy. If your pet is an emotional support animal, they may be protected by some ESA laws. Some hotels do not charge guests if they have ESAs with them, so check with the hotel before you anything else.

If you need to find a pet friendly hotel in Canada, an alternate site is Pet Friendly Canada. At Pet Friendly Canada you can find hotels, cottages, villas, cabins, B&B's, and even vacation homes across Canada that will accommodate your family's furry members. If you use ESA services, it might be easier for you to book a stay, since a lot of hotel admins prefer ESAs because they're know for being well behaved and well trained. You can search by clicking on a city or by entering parameters in text boxes, like choosing the type of lodging you desire, the Province, and even checking a box for wheelchair accessibility. This is an especially handy feature if your canine is a working fellow or gal!

To find a pet friendly hotel inside or outside North America, try Pet-Friendly Hotels, which allows a search by country with corresponding travel dates. Clicking on the link to the establishment of interest from the resulting list brings up an address and an overview link. Clicking on the overview link brings up further detailed information regarding the accommodations.

No matter where you are traveling with your pet, be sure to follow basic safety rules. Never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle parked in direct sun, even with a window cracked. Temperatures can soar far beyond the outside temperature, killing your pet. Even leaving your pet in the shade can be distressing, so leave plenty of water in a container that will not get toppled over, and check on your pet every 20-30 minutes. When you reach your destination it is always a good idea to locate the closest veterinarian or emergency animal hospital and slip the number in your purse or wallet so that it is handy should you require it.

For other travel tips see Pawsitive Pets, where you'll find a printable list of things to take with you for your pet, including his or her medications, a recent photo, identification, vaccine papers and more. There is also a link to information about crossing borders with your pet.

As always there can be a lag time between policy changes and updates to websites, so be sure to call ahead to ensure the pet friendly hotel you have chosen still welcomes your furry friend!

Happy traveling!

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@pleonasm - I've found that even pet friendly luxury hotels tend to be a lot more welcoming of dogs than they are of cats anyway. Dogs are much easier to control and much less likely to just take off if they get scared. And, usually, dogs are less like to shed everywhere the way a lot of cats do.


@umbra21 - Well, it depends on the hotel and their policies really. They would probably have a policy in place that you couldn't allow your pet outside certain restricted areas, like your room, and if it did get out you would be liable for any damage it does.

The big concern would be cleaning and annoying other guests. And if the guests are there because they like cats in the first place then they probably aren't going to complain. Plus, the cleaners will have to clean up cat fur anyway, so they might as well be cleaning up the cat fur of paying guests.


There are actually hotels out there that provide pets for you as part of the experience. I can't remember the name, but I know there is a hotel that is famous for keeping lots of cats and allowing guests to take the cats to their rooms.

But then, I suppose that kind of hotel isn't actually going to be pet friendly, because they wouldn't want you to be bringing your pet cat in where it might fight with their local cats, or potentially spread diseases.

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    • Nicer hotels tend not to be pet friendly.
      By: Michael Flippo
      Nicer hotels tend not to be pet friendly.
    • Many websites will let a traveler know if she can bring her pet.
      By: fantom_rd
      Many websites will let a traveler know if she can bring her pet.
    • When traveling, never let your pets sit in a parked car on a hot day.
      By: Budimir Jevtic
      When traveling, never let your pets sit in a parked car on a hot day.