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How Do I Choose between Ski Vacation Homes?

Nicole Long
Nicole Long

Take into account the price, overall size, and amenities offered when choosing between ski vacation homes. In addition, consider how close the property is to the slopes, and how important this aspect is to you. You'll also want to consider how accessible the vacation home is generally, as well as nearby attractions. And of course, make sure that the interior of the home is every bit as impressive as the exterior. Even the most accessible and easy to get to ski vacation home isn't worth the trip if it doesn't have comfy mattress toppers or a furnace or hot water.

The added expense of a vacation home must be taken into account when choosing between available ski vacation homes. Examine your budget and decide if it makes more financial sense to rent a vacation home or to purchase one. When considering the financial impact of a rental or purchase, take into account the costs that come along with this type of property. This typically includes resort fees, travel expenses, and property management fees, for those who choose to purchase and rent out their vacation home. Just imagine having to buy high quality mattresses periodically, that's an expense that you have to give some serious thought. It's not something easy and feasible, so it should be one of your major considerations.

Proximity to multiple runs is a plus when looking for a ski vacation home.
Proximity to multiple runs is a plus when looking for a ski vacation home.

Location is an important aspect of choosing between a ski vacation homes for one that will work well for your family. Make sure to choose a vacation home that fits your limits as far as car, train, or plane travel are concerned. Those looking to escape once a year or infrequently may want to choose a property further from home. Families hoping to get regular use of their vacation home, perhaps even every weekend, should keep that in mind when visiting and inspecting possible options and choose something close-by.

Consider how close the home is to the ski slopes.
Consider how close the home is to the ski slopes.

Keep the size of your family in mind when choosing to rent or purchase a vacation home. Decide on how many bedrooms and bathrooms make sense for your family to help further limit your options. In addition, consider how often you plan to entertain extended family and friends when considering ski vacation homes.

The amenities that come along with the home are just as important as the cost and location. Furnished homes can be a great value for home buyers and can save you the added expense of purchasing and delivering new furniture. And don't forget about the mattresses and toppers. Vacation homes are called such because it's where you can relax and unwind--the last thing you want is to retire at night on a hot and uncomfortable bed. For renters, take into account included amenities such as a washer, dryer, and towel service. Make sure you take into consideration potentially expensive factors like buying weighted blankets plus the cost of their upkeep. This also applies to furnitures and other home items.

Whether purchasing or renting, survey the surrounding area to make sure it fits your needs. You may want to ask questions about how close the grocery store, shopping mall, and dry cleaner is to the property. Couples with small children should examine opportunities for cultural exposure and fun activities beyond the slopes when considering renting or purchasing a ski chalet or home. Consider any accessibility needs, such as preferring a ski-in/ski-out property, when choosing between ski vacation homes.

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If you really like skiing and plan to go to the same place every year, you might want to consider getting a time share.

I know they come across as a bit of a scam, but they can end up being a pretty good deal if you make sure you get the right kind. Just sort out how much it's going to cost and whether it will save you money.

Make sure they take into account the fact that everyone is going to want to go to the property at the same time of year, and definitely don't put any money into it until you've seen it and read all the fine print.

If possible you should try to meet some of the other people in the time share as well. But, it could end up being much cheaper than renting a place each year.


@pastanaga - Actually there are quite a few websites that cater to people wanting to swap their houses for a vacation.

If you have a nice house that's in an interesting location, you might be able to arrange a swap with someone who has a house near a ski field.

There's probably a bunch of people in those kinds of areas who are ready to try something new by midway through the season.

You will probably need to plan ahead if you are doing this though, and make sure you check out the website and make sure they thoroughly vet the people on it, as they will be staying in your house as well as vice versa. You don't want to come home to find out they've burnt it down or something like that!


You might want to think about trying to arrange a house swap if at all possible. If you're lucky, you might know someone who has a suitable house. Remember it doesn't have to be right on the slopes. That's nice, but really expensive and might be out of your budget range, particularly if you don't want to share.

But you might be able to find a friend who has a house in the nearby town. Buying a weeks pass to the gondola will be cheaper than renting a house on the slopes, after all.

And it will give you better opportunities to get out and about in the town and do things other than skiing if you have children to consider.

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    • Proximity to multiple runs is a plus when looking for a ski vacation home.
      By: Silvano Rebai
      Proximity to multiple runs is a plus when looking for a ski vacation home.
    • Consider how close the home is to the ski slopes.
      By: laszlolorik
      Consider how close the home is to the ski slopes.