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How Do I Choose the Best Luggage Belt?

Selecting the best luggage belt involves considering durability, adjustability, and a secure locking mechanism. Opt for a belt with a robust buckle and a material that withstands rough handling. A bright, distinctive design can also help you spot your luggage quickly. Have you thought about how a luggage belt reflects your travel style and security needs? Explore the possibilities with us.
Gregory Hanson
Gregory Hanson

When choosing a luggage belt, or luggage strap, the most important consideration is the strength of the strap and the durability of the clasp or buckle that holds it closed. A luggage belt should also be easy to spot, which aids in locating and reclaiming checked baggage. If you wish to use a belt that provides additional security for luggage, in the form of locking clasps, the quality of the clasps should be a priority. Check to see if a given belt meets the particular safety and legal standards imposed by security in the airports or stations where it is apt to be used.

The primary function of a luggage belt is to hold a suitcase closed while the bag is being handled by airport and airline personnel and during the course of travel. Therefore, it is important to consider the strap's durability. Check the material from which the strap is constructed, which, ideally, would be durable nylon or some other very rugged material. The latch and fittings on the belt should also be checked for durability. Avoid lightweight plastic latches and fittings, as these are prone to failure during rough handling.

A unique luggage strap can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.
A unique luggage strap can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.

Modern luggage is often somewhat bland, and a well-chosen luggage belt can make the process of identifying one particular black suitcase much less arduous at the end of a long flight. A brightly-colored luggage belt can be a useful way to easily identify your suitcase. Combining two belts of different colors may make your suitcase look a bit garish, but it practically guarantees that it will be uniquely identifiable.

In some cases, luggage belts are meant to provide a degree of additional security against luggage theft or tampering. If this is your concern, the strength of the belt and buckle remain of paramount importance. Evaluate the locking mechanism carefully. Make sure that it is both easy to use and durably constructed.

Remember contemporary airport safety rules when shopping for a luggage belt. Most national aviation security agencies have rules concerning which sorts of belts and locking mechanisms are allowed. The Transportation Security Administration in the United States, for example, has a strong preference for belts and locking mechanisms from an authorized list of manufacturers, who provide screening agents with the tools to open these locks easily and then re-attach them. Belts and locks that do not meet local rules and standards may be cut or forced open to allow bags to be searched.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a luggage belt?

When selecting a luggage belt, consider its durability, adjustability, and ease of use. Look for strong materials like high-tensile polyester and secure locking mechanisms. A belt that can be easily adjusted to fit different suitcase sizes and has a distinct color or pattern for easy identification is ideal.

Are TSA-approved luggage belts worth the investment?

Yes, TSA-approved luggage belts are worth the investment for travelers to the United States. These belts allow TSA agents to inspect your luggage without cutting the strap, thus maintaining the security of your belongings while complying with regulations. According to the Transportation Security Administration, using a TSA-recognized lock can prevent damage to your lock or bag if a physical inspection is required.

How do I ensure my luggage belt is secure?

To ensure your luggage belt is secure, opt for a belt with a robust combination or key lock. Make sure the clasp is sturdy and doesn't easily come undone. Regularly check the belt for signs of wear and tear, and replace it if necessary to maintain security.

Can a luggage belt really prevent theft?

A luggage belt can act as a deterrent to opportunistic theft by making it more difficult for thieves to quickly and discreetly open your suitcase. However, it is not foolproof. For added security, combine a luggage belt with other measures such as TSA-approved locks and vigilant monitoring of your luggage.

What is the best way to personalize my luggage belt for easy identification?

The best way to personalize your luggage belt is by choosing one with a unique color or design that stands out. Some belts also offer personalization options such as monograms or name tags. This not only makes your luggage easy to spot on the carousel but also prevents accidental mix-ups.

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Discussion Comments


I like for luggage belts to have a quick release buckle. That way if you need to open it up, or if security needs to look inside, this can be done quickly and easily.

I even like to keep a luggage belt on my lightweight luggage. This is more for identification purposes than anything else.

Luggage belts are reasonably priced and can be found online or in most retail stores. If I have more than one piece of luggage I like to make sure they each have matching luggage belts.


When I am looking for luggage belts I have two purposes in mind. I want something that is heavy duty and will hold up to being thrown around. The airlines can be pretty rough on your luggage, and this is one small way of getting some extra protection.

Another thing I look for is something that is unique and will stand out. There are a lot of pieces of luggage that look the same when they are coming out of the baggage claim area.

I am always afraid that someone will pick up my luggage thinking it is their own. Who knows how long it would be before they would discover it was the wrong piece of luggage.

By choosing a luggage belt that is unique, this minimizes the chances of someone picking up the wrong piece of luggage.


There are lots of places online where you can buy personalized luggage straps which can help you make your fashion luggage look even more unique. I love the cool luggage belts I got for my bags because I was able to help design them. It also didn't cost as much as you probably think.

One of the best thing about personalized luggage straps is that you can get tags to match, which really helps you stay coordinated. I think that ladies luggage has become a lot more stylish over the years and companies are trying to keep up with the trend by making really nice accessories.


When choosing a luggage belt I think it is a good idea to choose one that matches your luggage sets, yet still allows you to easily identify your bag when you are looking for it. I found that through luggage deals online, I was able to get matching belts for my luggage set quite cheaply.

I think the best colors for luggage belts are red and yellow, because they stand out clearly, without being overly garish like some of the belts I have seen. Also, it is a good idea to get belts for even your small luggage, because they can make closing up the bag more secure.

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    • A unique luggage strap can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.
      By: varandah
      A unique luggage strap can help to make your bag easier to pick out among others.