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How Do I Pack for a Zipline Canopy Tour?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

You should check with the company offering a zipline canopy tour regarding what to pack before you set out on this type of eco adventure. Most companies will advise participants to wear comfortable, but appropriate, clothing. You should also check the weather forecast before leaving, in case there is any inclement weather brewing. Small packs are also usually allowed. These can be used to carry small items, like cameras or bug spray.

Most companies offering zipline canopy tours will usually let participant know what they should and should not bring on their tours. This information can often be found on their websites or in their brochures. If you are still unsure about something, you should call and ask a guide.

Hiking boots are a good choice for a zipline canopy tour.
Hiking boots are a good choice for a zipline canopy tour.

Comfortable clothing is a must when you are going on a zipline canopy tour. Shirts are usually a necessity, even for men. Strapless shirts are generally not recommended for women. These can interfere with the harnesses that are used, and it can be embarrassing if the top falls down.

Dresses and skirts are usually forbidden for the same reasons. Instead, comfortable pants or long shorts are usually required. These should also have pockets that can be sealed shut, either with zippers or Velcro®. It will be harder for small items, like wallets, to fall out of closed pockets.

Most zipline canopy tour companies also recommend that participants dress in layers, especially if there is a possibility of rain or cold weather. Clothing can be removed if you get to warm, and it can be put back on if you get cold again. A light parka or raincoat may also make you more comfortable if it begins to rain.

Hiking boots or sneakers are usually recommended for a zipline canopy tour. Open-toed or backless shoes are not usually allowed on these types of tours, since they can be a safety hazard or fall off. For instance, you should not wear flip-flops or sandals.

Depending on the company offering the tour, you may be allowed to bring a small pack on a zipline canopy tour. Many companies allow participants to wear fanny packs, for instance, and some companies allow participants to wear small backpacks. These can be used to stow small items, like cameras.

You will most likely be allowed to carry a small camera during a zipline canopy tour. A camera with a wrist strap can either be carried, or attached to your clothing or gear. If you do not wish to carry it, however, it can be stowed in your pack. You may also wish to stash small containers of bug spray and sunscreen in your pack as well.

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    • Hiking boots are a good choice for a zipline canopy tour.
      By: Alexandr Vlassyuk
      Hiking boots are a good choice for a zipline canopy tour.