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How Do I Throw a Henna Party?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Some people choose to throw a henna party for an occasion such as a bridal or baby shower, or for no particular occasion at all. If you want to commemorate a special event, such as an upcoming wedding or birthday, consider making homemade invitations for your guests. If you are creative, you can use a computer software program to design your own henna party invitations. If you have studied the art of creating henna tattoos, you can create your own designs, otherwise hire a professional artist skilled in this Asian art.

A fun way to throw a henna party at home is to have all of your guests participate in creating their own designs. Before you can throw a successful henna party, you need to gather the necessary supplies. Choose a kit that includes various designs, so that each of your guests will have a unique tattoo or set of tattoos. In addition to the ink and applicators, you may wish to purchase body glitter and jewels to add a special touch to your creations. To make it extra special, include jewels in colors that symbolize each of your guests' birthstones, such as emerald green for May and ruby red for July.

You can find henna art tattoo kits online, and many of them will include step-by-step instructions. If you prefer, search the Internet for tutorials on creating henna tattoos. Mastering this art may take some time, so allow yourself time to learn.

During a henna party, guests receive a temporary tattoo made with dye from the henna plant.
During a henna party, guests receive a temporary tattoo made with dye from the henna plant.

To throw a successful henna party, you should serve food that represents the Middle East. Tahini can be purchased at most east Indian grocery stores. This tasty spread that can also be used as a dip for pretzels and crackers. Pita bread is readily available at most supermarkets, and this should be a staple for your henna party menu. Make some tasty pita bread sandwiches, and for an authentic Middle Eastern flavor, serve Turkish coffee.

Make pita sandwiches part of a henna party.
Make pita sandwiches part of a henna party.

Do not forget to have good music for your henna party. Keep the music upbeat for dancing, and make it special by downloading some east Indian or Middle Eastern songs. You can also buy a compact disc compilation of Middle Eastern music at most music stores. If you want your henna party to come alive, consider hiring a genuine Arabic belly dancer. If the weather permits, decorate your patio or backyard with an east Indian, Turkish or Moroccan theme and throw your henna party outdoors.

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@Sara007 - I was surprised to find out about henna allergies as well. I suppose I thought that because it has been used for so many thousands of years that it was totally safe. What our henna artist told us is that the problem is people are using black henna, which isn't henna at all, but rather a chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that humans are easily allergic to.

From what our henna artist told us, the only henna colors that make up natural henna are orange, red, burgundy, brown or coffee. Anything that doesn't fall into those color shades has been chemically enhanced and is dangerous. She told us that the chemical henna can leave bad burns on the skin.


One of the best parties I ever went to was a Henna party. One of my girlfriend's decided to throw it before she went on a trip to India so we'd have something to remember her by until she got back. It was a really clever idea and with all the Indian food it was a great get together.

My one word of caution though is to make sure you aren't allergic to henna before you get your whole arm done. The lady who was working at our party gave us each a small drop of it on our hands and waited for about thirty minutes before she would continue. Apparently henna reactions can be severe, though they are rare, so she didn't want to take any chances.


I love henna designs, they are so beautiful and exotic. During Indian and Muslim holidays at my university campus, I noticed that girls decorated their hands with henna. Then, my friend and I were invited to attend one of the holiday celebrations on campus, as well as the henna party the girls were throwing before that.

The girls put henna designs on our hands and gave us instructions on how to sleep with them. It was kind of uncomfortable that night, but the next morning, when I saw the designs, it was worth it!

We dressed up in traditional clothing the next day to go to the celebration and the henna stayed on my hands for about three weeks.


My friends and I throw henna parties sometimes, but it's not a formal event at all. It's just an opportunity for us to meet up, chat and have fun all night while decorating our hands and arms with henna.

I have a henna kit that I purchased online which comes with prepared henna sticks and a design booklet. The henna sticks are really easy to use, you just cut off the tip and press down on it for the henna to come out. Anyone who's got some drawing skills can make henna. So I let everyone make designs on themselves or on each other's hands when we throw a party.

We usually watch movies all night, order some gyros and pizza and gossip. I think that girls have a natural inclination towards art. That's why we love putting on makeup and painting our nails. Henna is a great way to express that side and bond with each other I think.


My best friend had a henna party before her marriage. This was a separate even from her bridal shower because my friend is originally from India. In India, it's tradition to have a mehndi or henna night before the wedding where the bride and the bride's family and friends have henna done on their hands and feet.

Since she lives in Midwest US, we had a hard time finding many professional henna artists there. We did find one, but she was charging way too much for the party. So we ended up requesting an Indian lady to do it for us. Many Indian women know how to make henna designs since they do it at home. Plus, she agreed to do it for a much affordable price.

We had a great time at the party. The bride got the most henna designs on both her hands and feet. Then all the other girls got a small design as well. We had Indian Bollywood songs playing and also served Indian snacks like samosas that we got from an Indian restaurant and cake at the event. It was great and everyone had an amazing time.

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    • During a henna party, guests receive a temporary tattoo made with dye from the henna plant.
      By: videoroot
      During a henna party, guests receive a temporary tattoo made with dye from the henna plant.
    • Make pita sandwiches part of a henna party.
      By: vetasster
      Make pita sandwiches part of a henna party.
    • Henna is used as a dye throughout the Middle East.
      By: bogdanserban
      Henna is used as a dye throughout the Middle East.