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What Is a Luxury Charter Bus?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

A luxury charter bus is a form of transportation that may feature many amenities not provided by a standard bus or motor coach. Charter buses are called luxury buses if they offer increased passenger comfort, such as more leg room, or if they have been equipped with facilities and technology, such as kitchens and Internet access, that are not normally present in other types of buses. Luxury buses typically cost more to charter than a regular bus or coach because the owners usually invest a greater amount of money in them.

Charter companies sometimes offer luxury buses that are not particularly luxurious. A bus may be outfitted with minimal improvements and still be considered a luxury bus, though if the price is too high people might not want to rent it. The amount of money that must be paid to charter a luxury bus is often directly proportionate to the number of extra features included.

Luxuy charter buses offer passengers more leg room and amenties, such as a restroom and internet access.
Luxuy charter buses offer passengers more leg room and amenties, such as a restroom and internet access.

Luxury charter buses may include an assortment of features to make them more appealing. One of the most common changes is the replacement of some or all of the seats with more comfortable or more stylish seating. Sometimes luxury charter buses have much less seating than a regular bus to give passengers more leg room or to make space for other interior amenities.

A common component of many luxury charter buses is electronic devices. Sometimes a large television will be provided on the bus, while other buses may have multiple televisions. Companies sometimes offer buses that have radios or televisions at each seat or seating area. Internet access is another service that may be provided on a luxury charter bus.

Electronic devices are far from the only added features in most luxury buses. A luxury charter bus may feature one or more private bathrooms. Some buses may have kitchenettes that could include items such as a refrigerator, microwave, and sink. A very popular feature for a luxury charter bus to have is a bar. Often, alcoholic beverages come prestocked and might be included in the rental price.

Other things that often increase the price of a luxury charter bus rental include the overall appearance and maintenance. An attractive interior is to be expected, but some buses also have a striking exterior featuring custom paint jobs. As people have to pay more to charter this type of public transport, luxury coaches usually are expected to appear very clean inside and out, and the devices and facilities provided are expected to function fully. Beyond the purchase of interior amenities and the cost of installing them, the company or individual who owns the bus also must include the cost of maintenance when deciding on a rental price.

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@donasmrs-- Yea, that sounds like something in between a luxury bus and a regular bus. The very luxurious charter buses are really only used by celebrities, and politicians anyway. They're too expensive for most other people.


I traveled on a charter bus once, it was an eleven hour trip. The bus didn't have a bathroom but it wasn't really necessary because there were frequent stops made for bathroom and dining needs.

I still think it was a luxury charter bus though because each seat had its own small TV, as well as access to hot and cold drinks. I had never had hot coffee on a bus before and I must say that it was a pleasant experience. For a while, it felt like I was on a plane.


Leg room is very important in a charter bus. If the seats/beds are too small and short, then it becomes crowded and uncomfortable. I'd prefer to sit in a regular seat rather than a too small charter bus bed.

Since people spend a lot of time in the bus while on tours, it should have basic amenities like bathroom, fridge and internet. I think everything else is extra and not required.

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    • Luxuy charter buses offer passengers more leg room and amenties, such as a restroom and internet access.
      By: Robert Wilson
      Luxuy charter buses offer passengers more leg room and amenties, such as a restroom and internet access.