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What Is a Themed Holiday?

A themed holiday is a getaway crafted around a specific interest or activity, offering a unique experience tailored to your passions. Whether it's a culinary tour, a historical journey, or an adventure trip, it immerses you in your chosen theme. Ready to transform your vacation dreams into reality? Discover how a themed holiday can redefine your travel adventures. What's your theme?
Patti Kate
Patti Kate

A themed holiday is a vacation that focuses on a specific topic or concept. Any themed holiday or vacation is typically designed with a specific interest or hobby in mind, such as themed fishing vacations or golf themed vacations. Another example of a themed holiday is an international-inspired get-away to a foreign land, where vacationers can participate in a native pastime or sport. Many single people prefer themed singles cruises designed for companionship or romance. Other themed vacations focus on health and fitness, and often include a stay at a deluxe spa resort.

Themed holidays are typically booked by travel agencies. Themed vacations can be found by category and often include a varied selection. Those who love the outdoors and nature might prefer a vacation with a wilderness theme. Wilderness themed holidays may take vacationers on a nature expedition. These holidays are often experienced in groups, under the supervision of a tour guide.

Equestrian holidays might include sports like archery.
Equestrian holidays might include sports like archery.

Many vacationers prefer staying in themed hotels. Some themed hotels included rooms with a science fiction theme, or a theme from another decade. Other themed hotels include fantasy suites for adults only. Adventure suites may have various themes as well, including jungle and desert motifs.

Those who enjoy horseback riding often prefer equestrian themed holidays. This might include a stay at a dude ranch, where vacationers get a first-hand look at life on the ranch. Equestrian-themed vacations may also include sports such as archery and fishing, and visits to western-inspired rodeos.

A dude ranch holiday gives guests a taste of ranch life.
A dude ranch holiday gives guests a taste of ranch life.

Themed family vacations may also include a visit to a theme park. A themed holiday vacation for the family may include exciting rides, shows, and family dining. Many theme parks offer holiday packages at special rates. Some also offer babysitting services at theme park hotels, so parents can enjoy evening entertainment.

Some vacationers prefer to take a celebrity themed holiday. Music themed holidays might include concerts by favorite recording artists, or a trip to the hometown of favorite musical group. A vacation that includes a guided tour of a famous movie set is another theme idea.

Planning themed holidays in advance generally is the best idea. At certain times throughout the year, themed vacations may become sold out, so booking a month or two ahead of time may guarantee reservations. In some cases, online booking might offer special savings and discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a themed holiday?

A themed holiday is a vacation centered around a specific interest, hobby, or theme. It's designed to offer experiences tailored to a particular passion or activity, such as culinary tours for food enthusiasts, wildlife safaris for animal lovers, or historical reenactments for history buffs. These holidays provide immersive experiences that go beyond traditional sightseeing, allowing travelers to delve deeper into their interests and often include expert guides, specialized itineraries, and unique accommodations.

How popular are themed holidays among travelers?

Themed holidays have seen a surge in popularity as travelers seek more personalized and meaningful experiences. According to the Travel Industry Association, special interest travel, which includes themed holidays, is growing rapidly, with millions of Americans participating in such trips each year. This trend reflects a shift towards experiential travel, where the journey is as important as the destination.

Can themed holidays cater to families or groups with diverse interests?

Yes, themed holidays can cater to families or groups with diverse interests by offering a variety of activities within the chosen theme. For instance, a beach-themed holiday could include surfing lessons for the adventurous, marine biology tours for the curious, and beach yoga for those seeking relaxation. Many providers design their itineraries to appeal to different age groups and preferences, ensuring that every member of the group finds something enjoyable.

Are themed holidays more expensive than regular vacations?

The cost of a themed holiday can vary widely depending on the destination, duration, and level of specialization. While some themed holidays, such as luxury wine tours, may be more expensive due to the expertise required and exclusive experiences, others like hiking or camping trips can be quite affordable. Ultimately, the price reflects the value of a tailored experience and the quality of the services provided.

What are some emerging trends in themed holidays?

Emerging trends in themed holidays include wellness retreats, eco-tourism, and digital detox trips, reflecting a growing interest in health, sustainability, and unplugging from technology. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is projected to grow at a rate of 7.5% annually, reaching $919 billion by 2022. This indicates a significant demand for holidays that promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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Discussion Comments


@croydon - I guess most of the time when I think of a themed holiday, I'm thinking of one that is held at a resort or somewhere like a ranch, rather than on a cruise ship.

We did a ranch-based holiday when I was a kid and I remember being really excited about it, but it was a little bit too commercial even for me. I guess you have to do your research.


@Fa5t3r - That does sound nice. I'm not a huge fan of cruise ships, but they do occasionally put together an itinerary that could be very good. I've always wanted to go on one of the Antarctic tours, where they have scientists along to give discussions and answer questions.

I've also heard of boat trips (not always cruises) that go out with experts during meteor showers so that people can see the sky without any light pollution blocking it. That would be pretty incredible.


I wouldn't be that excited to do a theme holiday if it weren't that some of them look so amazing. There is one themed cruise in particular that I would do in a heart-beat if I had the money and the time to do it.

I believe there are several companies that do the same theme, but basically it is a cruise that goes up the length of China and then Japan in order to take advantage of the Cherry Blossom festivals.

Japan is expensive at the best of times, but during that season it would be near-impossible to get discounted lodging. Going on a cruise ship would mean you get to see multiple cities, at the height of their loveliness and have accommodation completely sorted the whole way.

It's definitely on my bucket list to do one day.

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    • Equestrian holidays might include sports like archery.
      By: Paul Moore
      Equestrian holidays might include sports like archery.
    • A dude ranch holiday gives guests a taste of ranch life.
      By: John Sfondilias
      A dude ranch holiday gives guests a taste of ranch life.