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What Is an Azalea Festival?

E. Starr
E. Starr

An azalea festival is a spring celebration associated with the blooming of azaleas, a popular type of flowering shrub. Azalea festivals are most widely celebrated in cities throughout the southeastern United States (US), although azaleas are also celebrated with festivals in Japan. The blooming of azaleas most commonly occurs in the spring, so an azalea festival is usually a spring celebration of culture, art, and gardens. Azalea festivals are most popularly associated with southern culture in the US.

Azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron. They most commonly bloom in the spring, filling the air with their brightly colored flowers and sweet fragrance. There are both deciduous and evergreen varieties, with the deciduous being mostly native to North America, and the evergreen mostly native to Asia. They have long been prized as landscaping plants and their cultivation over hundreds of years has lead to many thousands of azalea varieties.

The most popular azalea festival in Japan occurs at Nezu shrine, Tokyo, in the month of April.
The most popular azalea festival in Japan occurs at Nezu shrine, Tokyo, in the month of April.

Due to the extensive cultivation of azaleas, varieties exist that can tolerate a wide range of climate and growing conditions. They are also relatively easy to grow, and enjoy shade, making them popular plants with both home gardeners and city landscapers. The climate in the southeastern United States is particularly suited to the growing of azaleas, and the plants have been cultivated with pride throughout the region. In fact, azaleas have been a recognized symbol of southern culture for many years, as azalea festivals demonstrate.

Perhaps the most popular and widely known azalea festival occurs in Wilmington, North Carolina. Celebrated every April since 1948, it is a multi-day festival focused on southern culture and both the contemporary and traditional southern lifestyle. Events and displays include azalea gardens, art shows, music, parades, food, and the crowning of an azalea queen. In the tradition of southern belles, young women wear traditional antebellum, or hoop-skirt dresses and host the gardens of the festival.

Similar azalea festivals occur throughout the southeastern US, with the largest celebrated in cities such as Muskogee, Oklahoma, Charleston, Missouri, and Norfolk, Virginia. Each festival has its own unique flavor, but all share a similar focus on southern culture and pride. The festivals also, of course, all celebrate the arrival of springtime heralded by blooming azaleas.

Japan also celebrates the arrival of azalea blooms in the spring. The most popular azalea festival in Japan occurs at Nezu shrine, Tokyo, in the month of April. In addition to the spectacular azalea gardens, the azalea festival includes tea ceremonies, live music, and entertainment.

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My favorite color of azaleas are the hot pink ones. Spring is so beautiful, especially with all the wonderful flowers blooming, like azaleas. I live in the Southeast, but have only lived here for a couple of years, and I did not know about the azalea festival’s until I read this article. So thank you for informing me on what seems like a great way to ring in spring!

I actually only live a few hours away from Wilmington, North Carolina, so I plan to go to their azalea festival next spring! It sounds like so much fun to dress up as a Southern Belle, listen to live music, dance, eat southern food, and take in the many wonderful sights and artistry of Wilmington, North Carolina. It sounds like a great way to kick off spring and appreciate mother nature’s beauty, in the company of family and friends.


My neighbor has a long, tree lined driveway that looks beautiful any time of the year, but early spring has to be the best.

He planted a row of azalea shrubs on each side of the lane, and they are just bursting with color in the spring.

When you turn in his driveway you are just in awe at the beauty. I know azaleas come in several different colors, but these are a deep pink.

They make a breath taking backdrop against the dark green of the trees. He has taken several pictures when they are in full bloom, but there is nothing like seeing it in person.


Every spring I look forward to the bright pink blooms of my azaleas. This is a sure sign that spring is here and there will be more flowers to come.

The only thing I don't like is that they never stay in bloom long enough. I don't have many areas in my yard that are sunny, so love to have such color so early in the spring.

It seems like there is a gap in time when the azaleas quit blooming and other plants are in full bloom.

There are many reasons to celebrate spring and I think an azalea festival would be a perfect way to do this!


I'm planning on going to the North Carolina Azalea festival this year. My roommate is from Wilmington, North Carolina and she's been telling me so much about this festival. So we've decided to head out there the weekend of the festival so that I can see it for myself.

I think the festival goes on for five days, it starts during the week and ends with the weekend, so I'll be there for the last two days. I know there will be lots of things going on but I'm looking forward to having Southern food and seeing the concerts the most. I think it's going to be great. Hopefully the weather will be bright and sunny too.


My town’s azalea festival actually centers around azaleas. The city council took the name of the festival literally, and they pack the event with things relating to the flower.

Hundreds of azalea bushes are brought in for the festival, and all of them are for sale. There is an information booth with a horticulturist who can tell people all they need to know about growing the bush.

Special fertilizer, vases, and azalea calendars are offered for sale. Some contests have a grand prize of a big azalea bush already in bloom.

The smaller, younger bushes are cheaper. The price increases with size and age, as most people want a bush already covered in flowers.


I live in the South, and every time I’ve been to an azalea festival, it has been really hot and humid outside. The azaleas bloom in late May around here, and by that time, the heat has already begun to permeate the air.

When I think of the azalea festival, I think of the laughter of children and the smell of sunscreen. People usually wear shorts or sundresses, and they lather on the sun protection. I have even seen some people laying out on beach towels, trying to get a tan as they enjoy the atmosphere.

Kids love the festival. There is always a booth for face painting, and treats like snow cones and funnel cakes are always sold.


I look forward to my town’s azalea festival every spring. It’s my favorite time of year, and I love to get out and see all the flowers in bloom. The festival is always decorated with plenty of them.

Last spring, the weather wasn’t ideal for it, though. The day was overcast, and every few minutes, a light sprinkle of rain would fall. It would stop just as quickly as it started, but it really put a damper on people’s enjoyment of the festival.

I’m glad that the people selling crafts had thought ahead and gotten a tent to cover their tables. Some of their stuff would be ruined if it got wet.


Tupelo, Mississippi has an azalea festival every year. In addition to music and food, they have arts and crafts booths where vendors sell their work.

I rented a booth to sell my artwork there. I had a lot of framed drawings done in chalk pastels, and I had even drawn some azaleas for the occasion. The azalea drawings sold way better than anything else.

The festival was held in a park with a walking trail lined with azalea bushes in certain sections. The red, pink, and white flowers made the occasion bright and festive. Potted azalea bushes were for sale at the event, and a lot of people bought them.


I went to an azalea festival once in Georgia. I went along with my aunt who goes every year and considers it quite the social occasion. She was dressed to the nines and shocked when I showed up in fairly relaxed clothing.

But she got over it and we ended up having a pretty good time. They had azaleas, of course, but the variety was just incredible. They had them in all different colors and grown in ways you wouldn't think would be possible. There was food and drink and a live band at once point. They had some games set up for the kids. It was a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.

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    • The most popular azalea festival in Japan occurs at Nezu shrine, Tokyo, in the month of April.
      By: shirophoto
      The most popular azalea festival in Japan occurs at Nezu shrine, Tokyo, in the month of April.